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Are you interested in adopting open textbooks and other open educational resources? Have you found resources you would like to make changes to? Have you found an open textbook you would like to enhance by contributing your own resources? Do you have questions about technology tools that support your open education vision? If you answer yes or maybe to any of these questions then you should participate in this session! You don’t have to be a technology wizard to use or create OERs for your course, and this session will highlight tools to help us with our open education endeavours.

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The PowerPoint, Discover Open Education is available for download.

About the Facilitator

JR Dingwall is an Instructional Designer at the University of Saskatchewan’s Distance Education Unit. He holds both a B.Ed (Industrial Arts) and M.Ed (Educational Technology and Design), and has designed and developed instruction and curriculum several post-secondary and not-for-profit contexts. JR has experience designing a variety of open educational resources, open textbooks and curricula, open online courses. JR is a teacher at heart and is dedicated to an array of teaching and learning networks.

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