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Taking this eye-opening presentation by Mike Caulfield as a jumping-off point, I am exploring the potential of this wikity application (and the Federated Wiki idea on which it is based) to enable forms of Computer-Supported Collaborative Education that the world has yet to see.

This reawakens in me the motivation that prompted my enrollment in Open University's MA-ODE program in "Open and Distance Education" all those years ago (around Y2K, IIRC), before the technology was quite ready. The real bottleneck back then was LoFi internet connectivity, which pretty much precluded the possibility of real-time interaction between participants even via text (tho some of us did some extracurricular chat), let alone video.

Moreover, this reconnects me to original vision of the web as a two-way, read-write medium for elevating the collective intelligence of humanity -- that being i believe the motivational thread connecting seminal works of H.G. Wells, Vannevar Bush, Tim Berners-Lee, Ward Cunningham, Jimmy Wales, Sal Khan et al... Exciting stuff!

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