That’s not making…is it?

I’m still thinking about all of the great conversations heading to, during, and heading home from the ETAD Summer Institute this year, the theme of which was Makerspaces. I’ve seen Tweets and blogposts for a couple of years now. I recall a somewhat recent experience where an enthusiastic undergraduate education student asked if anyone in […]

Educational Technology and Design Summer Institute – Day 3

On the third day of the summer institute we were treated to Michelle Davis’ journey in creating maker spaces in new places. Lucky for us she wrote an ebook detailing the key decisions, and influences that lead to the learning commons maker space taking the shape it did. If you’d like to learn more about […]

ETAD Summer Institute 2016 – Day 2

Today we continued our facilitated discussions about making, maker spaces, design, and education lead by two of our guests: Brandy Burdeniuk and Marc Gobeil. Brandy kicked off her session with a quick creative exercise. We were paired and asked to interview the person next to us: Roles Jet Fuel Kryptonite  Unknown Fun Fact Following the […]