Monogamous Book Club – Revealing Hegemony

Hegemony and Information Design Information Design In reverse order from the title, let’s start with information design (something I presume should be readily transferable to the work of instructional design). DiSalvo explains here that information design concludes in the creation of artifacts that render data. Artifacts can include any combination of elements such as: type, […]

Hopping on the Open Pedagogy Train

Open or Closed flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license   Having attended the last two Open Ed Conferences, engaging in conversations in a few Canadian higher ed institutions, and working on a large OER development project through Alberta OER, I have struggled to resolve what “open” or “OER” mean. By […]

That’s not making…is it?

I’m still thinking about all of the great conversations heading to, during, and heading home from the ETAD Summer Institute this year, the theme of which was Makerspaces. I’ve seen Tweets and blogposts for a couple of years now. I recall a somewhat recent experience where an enthusiastic undergraduate education student asked if anyone in […]

Reclaimed – “The Nokia Formula”

A picture of the classroom we were in today will be coming soon. A neat concept, it has two SmartBoards and a television using an xbox connect. Today is our last day for awhile with Kirsti Lonka from University of Helsinki. This had been a week full of learning, both content and soft skills. Her […]